Rankings, Vers. 3.0 (Dec. 30)

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Alright, here’s the next installment of some rankings. Still not a lot of clarity between 10 and 25.
I’m putting these out there for discussion and debate, not because I think they’re infallible or because I’m particularly attached to any comparisons. I’m also splitting public schools into their Public A and Public B classifications, as we will for the state tournament.

Read on for the njhockey.org Top 10s:

1. CBA (6-1-1) – Still on top despite a 1-1 tie with Bergen Catholic.
2. Delbarton (7-1-1) – Good out-of-state performance and plenty of promise.
3. St. Augustine Prep (2-1-2) – Looking forward to hearing about more results.
4. Bishop Eustace (5-1-1) – A little under the radar, but Eustace could be legit.
5. Bergen Catholic (4-2-1) – Having beaten Seton Hall and tied CBA, the Crusaders are on a roll.
6. Seton Hall Prep (3-2-1) – Easily disposed of MKA.
7. Don Bosco Prep (3-5-2) – Good results in Maine and plenty of young talent.
8. St. Peter’s Prep (6-4) – Marauders haven’t shown much in league games.
9. St. Joseph (Metuchen) (5-0-1) – Narrow escape over HoVal is not very convincing.
10. Ridge (5-1-2) – Deserving SCT champs and the state’s top public.
11. Montgomery (5-3-2) – Win over MKA could be a boost.
12. Kinnelon (7-0-1) – Now the Public B favorites, Colts face Chatham this week.
13. Pingry (7-0-3) – Believe it or not, the Big Blue haven’t lost a league game since 2006.
14. Randolph (5-0-3) – Still unbeaten, still the champs.
15. St. John Vianney (5-1-1) – Really disappointed in 9-1 loss to CBA.
16. Red Bank Catholic (6-1-1) – Almost level with St. John Vianney and rolling along.
17. Morris Knolls (6-2-1) – Not as deep as in the past, but contenders nonetheless.
18. Morristown-Beard (5-1-1) – January will tell a lot about the Crimson.
19. Montclair-Kimberley (3-2-2) – Tie with Ridge its best result so far.
20. Watchung Hills (5-0-1) – Another team that stayed right with Ridge.

Public A
1. Ridge (5-1-2)
2. Montgomery (5-3-2)
3. Randolph (5-0-3)
4. Morris Knolls (6-2-1)
5. Watchung Hills (5-0-1)
6. Fair Lawn (7-1)
7. Clifton (4-5-1)
8. Hillsborough (3-6)
9. Brick Memorial (5-1-1)
10. Middletown North (5-5)
Public B
1. Kinnelon (7-0-1)
2. Northern Highlands (8-1)
3. Ramsey (7-2-2)
4. Chatham (4-3-1)
5. Jefferson (3-2-2)
6. Hopewell Valley (4-2-1)
7. Verona (4-3-2)
8. Wall (5-3)
9. Indian Hills (6-4-1)
10. Glen Rock (5-5)
Some teams that almost made it
Mahwah, Morristown, Pequannock, Roxbury, Toms River East, West Essex.
Gloucester Catholic, Monsignor Donovan, Notre Dame, Paramus Catholic, Paul VI, Pope John, St. Joseph (Montvale).


  1. Confirmed my suspicion about these “rankings”….your assessments are way off. “We” (Ridgewood) have played several of the teams in your list. Here’s the story:

    1. Glen Rock – best team we’ve played this year. Not as strong as last year, but nevertheless solid. They beat us twice, comfortably.

    2.Northern Highlands – nothing special, but quite balanced and capable. Narrowly beat Ridgewood

    3.Verona – similar to Northern Highlands.

    4.Clifton – #7 Public School? Must be joking. Weakest team we’ve played all year – and we’ve played them twice.

    Happy New Year to everyone,


    Comment by Jeremy Jones — 31 December 2007 #

  2. finally brick memorial is out of brick dragons shadow

    Comment by lk — 1 January 2008 #

  3. @ Jeremy: Sorry, but you’re the one who’s “way off”.

    Northern Highlands shut out GR 2-0 and their only loss is to Ramsey who beat and tied your division leader PC. They obviously belong above GR in the ranking.

    Clifton also beat Glen Rock 2-1, so I don’t know where you come off knocking Clifton.

    I can’t find fault with your “similar to NH” comment on Verona. This puts Verona above GR in the poll, where they belong.

    Kinnelon, NH and maybe Ramsey would be ranked above Clifton in an overall Public poll putting Clifton no higher than #10. GR, Ridgewood and Verona would not.

    Your opinions seem to be based only on the few games Ridgewood has played, while Jon looks at the “big picture”. Before you flame his ranking you should take a broader look at the games that have been played. IMO, his opinions have WAY more credibility than yours.

    Comment by Kevin Catlin — 3 January 2008 #

  4. Highlands never played Ridgewood and if they did it would be a blood bath. At the very least check the team schedules and results before posting.

    Comment by kjohnson — 3 January 2008 #

  5. Kevin,

    My comments about the relative abilities of GR and Clifton are indeed only based on the evidence of the two games Ridgewood played against each team. GR was clearly the stronger team – and that’s a fact.

    That’s all.

    Comment by JeremY Jones — 3 January 2008 #

  6. @ Jeremy: I’ll repeat that Clifton beat GR head-to-head, so to say GR is “clearly the stronger team” is suspect in my view and is just your opinion, not a fact.

    Comment by Kevin Catlin — 4 January 2008 #

  7. Ridgewood played Highlands in a pre-season scrimmage. 5-4 ( or was it 6-5?) in a see-saw game. Not really a ‘blood bath’. Presumably you weren’t there.

    Comment by JeremY Jones — 4 January 2008 #

  8. pre-season means nothing most teams roll all there lines and play everyone on the team. Ridge even played their JV goalies against Pingry. The only games to be put towards ranking are games that actually count towards a teams record.

    Comment by Chadbrochill — 5 January 2008 #

  9. I feel like Monty is just riding the credit it piled up after getting to the state finals a couple years ago. In the SCT Ridge spanked them. With 3 losses I don’t think they should be ranked above Randolph. The state seems pretty even this year though.

    Comment by MontyWhat — 8 January 2008 #

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