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February 21, 2007 on 1:47 pm | In analysis, breaking news | 9 Comments has published the state tournament bracket. We’ll analyze them later, after the Dynamo-Puntarenas match. Overseeding / underseeding report coming up …

Okay, first of all, props to the committee. This is a thankless job that nobody really wants, and they work very hard to do their best. I’m pointing out places in which their seedings differed from mine and trying to figure out why. In some cases, I strongly disagree, but that’s always going to be the case. Okay, here we go:


  • (36) Morristown (+11) – Somebody explain this to me. Beat Park Regional and Montville (in December). Lost the season series to Roxbury yet was seeded 11 spots higher. I’m from Morristown, but it had ONE WIN against a team that made the tournament.
  • (18) Princeton (+10) – I feel okay about this one, especially compared to Morristown. Princeton played a tough non-league schedule (Pingry, St. Peter’s Prep, Middletown South, Ridgewood, Tenafly, Hun).
  • (27) Ramsey (+10) – I can live with this, too. Tied Northern Highlands and Fair Lawn; played Chatham. Still, 18 spots ahead of Pascack Valley is illogical.
  • (39) WWPN (+9) – Not really sure what they did to earn this, but the difference between 39 and 48 is fairly negligible.
  • (19) Middletown South (+7) – Even I’m losing interest at this point. Tough Red Division schedule.
  • (42) Lawrence (+7) – No idea what they did to deserve this, but I think the committee overvalued the lower half of the CVC.
  • (43) WWPS (+7) – Ditto.
  • (25) Wall (+5) – No problem with this; I only dropped them one day before the meeting.

Minor: Chatham, Tenafly, Cranford, Jackson Memorial (no offense, but how were they seeded ahead of anybody?), Vernon, Hillsborough, Johnson, Glen Rock, Toms River East.


  • (30) Mountain Lakes (-8) – Yes, they were at-large, but dropping them 10 spots behind Pequannock is harsh. This is not egregious, though.
  • (45) Pascack Valley (-7) – This is tough. Pascack Valley finished a game behind Ramsey, split the season series, and was 18 spots lower? On the other hand, PkV lost to River Dell, and the committee obviously didn’t respect the north very much, which I usually agree with. Still too low.
  • (51) Dumont (-7) – Like I said, not much consideration of the north, which is logical. Still, their only bad loss was to High Point. This comes down to North Blue vs. CVC Valley/Patriot.
  • (52) Sparta (-7) – Ditto.
  • (12) Fair Lawn (-6) – This seems off mark, since they finished tied with No. 8 Ramapo and won the season series. But there was obvious inconsistency.
  • (29) Summit (-6) – I think Keith Nixon’s going to be peeved about this one – the Central White was a strong division and his non-league schedule is very reasonable.
  • (48) Wayne Valley (-6) – Won the season series with River Dell.
  • (26) Westfield (-5) – Goes with Summit.
  • (34) Park Regional (-5)
  • (46) Lakeland (-5)

Minor: Ridgewood, West Milford, Jefferson, Mahwah, Point Pleasant, Brick Memorial, Pequannock, Ramapo, Paramus, Nutley, River Dell, Roxbury, Passaic Valley, Dayton.

Private – no big issues here, it was so easy. St. John Vianney (+4) was marginally too high, and Bishop Eustace (+1) and Morristown-Beard (+1) got a little extra love, too, but no big deal.


  1. if anyones overseeded its pequannok…do not impress me what so ever

    Comment by miguel cabrera — 22 February 2007 #

  2. in my estimation, ridgewood was underseeded (-6/7). they finished third in north red and are behind the 4th and 5th place teams. Also, they played #12 glen rock and 18 princeton close, as well as (although after the deadline) a tie with 5 seeded Northern Highlands. Just a thought

    Comment by Joe Montana — 23 February 2007 #

  3. can pascack valley beat pequannok

    Comment by big ben — 24 February 2007 #

  4. I still do not understand how vernon got in over verona….verona plays in a much harder league and they also performed better against common opponents such as montgomery, chatham, watchung hills, nutley, and clifton

    Comment by new rules r awful — 24 February 2007 #

  5. I think Jefferson is wayyyy too low. First off, they’ve only had 1 loss, that to Pequannock in the first game. Granted they are in a lower division, but how can people blame them for doing well in a bad division? I personally am best friends with a defenseman on the team, and he complains every single week when he comes into school about his coach not allowing them to 10 goal teams. I’m positive that they are not as good as ridge or bridgewater raritan or randolph, but honestly, Hillsborough TIED them, in the last few minutes of the game, Jefferson did not tie Hillsborough, Hillsborough had to come back to tie them after a screw up by a Jefferson defenseman. Our goalie’s god awful, I’ll give you that, but now I’m going to play the “they beat them and we tied them” game, and you know just as well as I do that i’m talking about Hillsborough rooting Chatam, while they struggled to even TIE us. Why can’t my team get any respect. All i ever hear is about us being a dirty scumbag team, with no class and that we “would die facing a good team”. You know what, you guys consider Hillsborough to be good, but they struggled against us. Now i know this won’t mean anything to anyone, but i can’t believe that we don’t get the respect we deserve after earning it in our division and out of division games. We beat Burke Catholic, TWICE, who beat Don Bosco. How can we not have some respet after that? Yardley i thought out of anyone you’d recognize the accomplishments our team made, but you and the commity both got it wrong. Hopefully my towns team will prove everyone wrong but i’m not so sure that can happen when they will eventually be playing Bridgewater raritan and Ridge. Thanks for reading my rant everyone, GO FALCONS.

    Comment by alex — 25 February 2007 #

  6. Let’s hope that the Ref’s watch the boarding that has been going on all year, and not being called. It’s a scary thing if you blow on a players gloves it’s is 2 minutes for slashing. These kids that are getting hit from behind are going to get seriously hurt before the ref’s get this under control. Years back a STOP sign was placed on the back of jersey’s. What a concept no hitting from behind. Hitting is fine, but don’t let them hit like cowards from behind. Play it straight up and see how things turnout.

    Comment by Joe — 25 February 2007 #

  7. Hey John. I just wanted to preface this by saying that you do a great job, and keep up the good work! I noticed on your brackets page that some of the lines extend too far and it makes them a bit hard and confusing to read. Is there any way to fix this? Just a little friendly feedback!

    Comment by Ice Skater — 28 February 2007 #

  8. yo, this is going out to this guy alex from Jefferson, yeah u guys are good, i haven’t seen u play but i’m friends with mercer on ur team. U guys really don’t get the respect that u deserve, but my point is that u beat Burke Catholic twice, who NEVER PLAYED DON BOSCO. BERGEN CATHOLIC beat bosco twice. Just want u to get ur fax straight.

    Comment by the truf — 1 March 2007 #

  9. alright my bad, i’m talkin to mercer right now, he’s my boy, my bad about bein an idiot, i tried to play but they wouldn’t let me! hopefully we can beat glen rock, but a higher seed, none the less, would’ve helped :(

    Comment by alex — 1 March 2007 #

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