Delbarton-Lawrenceville thoughts

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my first thought when I finally clicked through and got the video to work? “Dude, this is awesome.” You have to love the 21st century – I could sit in an office in Texas (where it’s 60-something degrees) and watch a high school hockey game at a small rink in New Jersey (where it’s roughly 20 degrees). Just awesome. Major props to SportsNetAmerica for getting it done. (EDIT: This whole thing was supposed to be live. I hit the wrong button, so I figure it’s better late than never.)
Okay, so we’re through the first two periods (it’s 2-2, by the way), and here’s what I’ve got:

  • Naturally, I can’t recognize Lawrenceville individual players, but obviously they’re big, fast, and deep. It’s a physical team that appears to play well in its system. Nothing you didn’t already know. Sorry. I’m 1,400 miles away.
  • Alex Velischek is legit. This kid has gotten so much hype and so much crap since debuting last December. But he has been the difference maker for Delbarton in the first two periods. Obviously, he has a goal and an assist. But look at how he’s gotten them. He made great decisions on the point, be it on the power play or as a trailer. That’s probably in part due to his time there last year. He recognized that he was covered on the point (because Lawrenceville was obsessively watching him) and he needed to one-time the puck back to Agostino (I think), and that produced the tying goal. Terrific instinct. And, as Velischek Sr. pointed out on-air, it looked like Bruce Shatel kept him out there an extra 10 seconds just in case. Well done.
  • Speaking of Velischek Sr., I feel like SportsNet might want to mention once or twice that he’s Alex’s father. I know, I’m not one to talk, given I’m a Delbarton alumnus who was once part of the hockey program (and no, I don’t have my name on a plaque in the locker room). But in the interest of journalistic integrity, that should be pointed out at least once per period if Velischek Sr. is doing a Delbarton game. Just my two cents as a journalist.
  • Dude, this is awesome.
  • Aren’t you glad they’re playing this game? This is freaking awesome. I know Lawrenceville doesn’t like scheduling multiple New Jersey non-boarding schools because they might get a crappy game and have to play by slightly different rules interpretations, yada yada yada. But can we just set this up that on a given date just before (or after) the state cutoff, the state’s No. 1 team (we’ll use the Star-Ledger, I guess) has a standing invite to play Lawrenceville? It’s freaking awesome.
  • Speaking of my journalistic integrity, I’m not a big Lawrenceville fan. (I don’t rank them, so it doesn’t really matter.) I think they wimped out by stopping the series with Delbarton after the 2-1 game in 2000, and I think they’re unnecessarily proud of their status as the state’s best team. That’s probably how plenty of other people feel about Delbarton, though, so that’s okay. Plus, I root for Lawrenceville when they play out of state. I’m glad it’s having a great season, and I think its presence is good for New Jersey hockey. That said, Go Wave.
  • Would Delbarton have a chance in this game were it not for the power play?
  • Both goalies have been terrific. Even though the grainy video probably makes every shot a little more exciting than it really is, both goalies have just been awesome through two periods.
  • Third period time. As a phone call just described it, back to the “epic battle.”

Third-period thoughts:

  • Delbarton – best special teams in the state?
  • In hockey, it’s a ‘goaltender,’ not a ‘goalkeeper.’ Huge pet peeve.
  • Anyone else get a USSR flashback with those red uniforms you can’t read on the video?
  • Note that I may be jeopardizing my professional future by watching this game – I was supposed to leave at 4 CT to mail off an application for a baseball job. Whoops. (UPDATE: Got it sent out next-day delivery at 4:59 pm. Whew.)
  • I hope this game isn’t decided on a fluke like that PDS-Seton Hall Prep game way back when.
  • How does Randy Velischek say the Delbarton power play has been a non factor? Is he on crack? And then there it is. 3-2 Delbarton. Unreal.
  • I’ve known Matt Schillings since he was five years old and cursing like a pirate. Huge moment for him.
  • Are you kidding me, Delbarton up 3-2 with 7 mins to go? Crazy. Let’s see how the trap goes … or will it?
  • I really didn’t think Delbarton would win. They may yet blow it, but I didn’t even think it would be quite this good. 5:20 left, are you kidding?
  • Does anyone even know the last time Lawrenceville lost to an NJSIAA school?
  • I love when the video skips, then speeds up, and the players look like they’re absolutely flying. Really makes you think you’re watching fast hockey.
  • No way Delbarton’s up with 1:45 left
  • Good point by Velischek Sr. about motivation from here on in for Delbarton. (EDIT: Huge let-down game with a very motivated Morristown-Beard coming up.)
  • Terrific game. All partisanship aside, this was awesome. Lawrenceville played hard – you can’t doubt its’ players’ effort tonight – and Delbarton responded with one of its best efforts. Let’s see this game again in the next few years. It really does benefit both programs.
  • Velischek Sr. went a bit overboard with his “recruiting hockey players” and “seven or eight prep schools” after the game. Remember, NJSIAA schools still have to play 70 percent of their games against N.J. schools.

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